Dion Bonaventura

Aug 14, 2021

6 min read

My Pick on MCU’s Films (So Far)

Marvel Cinematic Universe has been one of the most profitable production house. It has produce more or less $22.56 Billion Dollar solely from the box office, not include merchandise, advertising deal, etc. So you can imagine, just how crazy rich is the owner of these property, which is Disney.

The First hit that coming in hot was Iron Man (2008), with $585,174,222 in total of gross earnings. That number may seems “not that big” and it’s true if we compare it with the Worldwide Record Breaking Film, Avengers : Endgame, which was released 11 years later (2019), but if we compare it with any film that released on the same year as Iron Man, we could see that Iron Man itself is already a hit on the cinemas.

But For me, as a casual movie goers, i don’t really mind about these numbers or records. Maybe if you are “movie maniac” you will dig deeper about the records, the story, or maybe you will catch some trivia about the movies, but for me, as long as i enjoy it, i think that’s what make the film is worth my time.

So without further ado, here’s my pick on MCU’s Films

It may surprise you, to see that Ant-Man and The Wasp is on the top of my chart. Let me tell you why,

This film was released on 2018, right after Avengers : Infinity War. If you remember, watching Infinity War was kinda dark, when everyone disappear, and we watched our heroes lost their friends and etc.


Watching Ant-man and The Wasp right after the Infinity War, really felt like got an A Score on your exam. It may really sound exaggerate, but i think that’s the perfect analogy.

The Film chronologically started after the event of Civil War, where Scott-Lang become a house arrest by FBI for almost two years, but all of a sudden, Scott got a signal from someone and got a dream of playing hide and seek with little girl, which was Hope, when she still a young girl. Long Story Short, Hank Pym dive into quantum realm to retrieve his wife, and along the journey to the quantum realm, there are also fights in the real street.

Well, it may not a good synopsis, but i think that’s the main premise of the film, to retrieve Hope’s Mom, beside more Sub-Story that really make this Movie so damn good.

For me personally, this is the film that really gives me chill, and for some reason, this film feels really light (maybe because the infinity war effect), some people may not enjoy it as they watch infinity war, but in my opinion this is my go-to film.

Across many MCU’s Films, Antman and The Wasp may not make earnings as much as any other MCU’s Hit, but the feeling of watching how Paul Rudd portrayed Antman is as same as watching RDJ’s IronMan. Also, plus point of these film is also, Luis, the Human Juke Box

As Stark’s Protege, Peter Parker is not only a friendly neighborhood Spiderman, but also an avenger. This Film, in my opinion is just how Marvel thanks Iron Man. If we can take the premise of this film, it would be

How’s the world without Iron-Man

That question was carried by Parker all along the movies, when he felt he is not Iron Man, When he questioning himself, or when he make a bad move (if you watch it, you’ll know what i mean)

Many things on this movie really got me, First, you can see how parker is struggling to live his life, Well, Tom Holland’s Portrayal was really good on this movie, Second, you can appreciate the story that aligned with what is happening right now, Mysterio, which actually was ex-scientist of Stark company, use Drones as his attraction, and the story itself really make the tense really high, but can hit to the ground very smooth.

Oh, MJ and Peter’s relationship was delivered in a brilliant way, you can see that having 2 geniuses in love was awkward, but at the end we know why it goes like that.

There are many more to tell about this film, but i think if you haven’t watched the movie, you should watch it, and if you have watched it, you can do re-watch to appreciate the detail, the story or even the suit.

Among the others,

this is the most hilarious, amazingly funny.

To be honest, i’m not a big fan of Thor, especially with two previous feature films, which for me are bad.

But, with Taika Waititi as Director we can see how he managed to developed Thor Arc in a fun way, He leaves the dark image of Thor, and make it into more comedic, and that’s brilliant.

One more thing that we can appreciate is How this Film can find the balance of newness and identity. If you are making a couple of art, and people start to demand more from you, then you will likely to face the challenge of being different without being too different. You get it Right ? It’s Hard to bring something new without reducing the “o.g.” vibe in it.

At the end, whether you are marvel maniac or not, you, at least have watched one or two film from this Massive Production House, All of my Pick are based on my personal and it’s very subjective.

If you haven’t watched any film (which, strange) i suggest you to watch it, maybe to start with the lightest one, then if you’ve found the mood, then you can watch it chronologically.

Oh ya, i actually want to do some honorable mentions to :

The Avengers

Becomes everything that we know about MCU

Captain America : Civil War

For me, this film is really cool and not-that-light type, so if you want to watch it, you’ll better spend some time to really catch up all the scene. (for me, it’s worth it)

Iron Man 3

Becase he’s RDJ, besides you’ll watch all of his armor blown away.

*all of my pick doesn’t represent anyone, just myself, and not to disrespect any Films under MCU.